Master’s Degree

In my Master’s thesis I studied how remote working (due to the Covid-19 pandemic) affected Office Workers and their Organizational Culture in companies and within organizations (when only communicating through digital means). The data, collected through (11) semi-structured interviews, was coded and thematized.

In the results, I present analysis of the assessments that need to be implemented to handle such unforeseen situations, and at the same time remotely lead the office workers.

The study can increase the micro sociological knowledge of organizational structures and employee voice & empowerment in office workers. To retain the company culture with co-workers, the weight of face-to-face interactions does matter.

Read the study on Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet (Digital Scientific Archive), via this link:

Bachelor’s Degree

My thesis at Bachelor’s level is about how subway passengers experience Racism on the trains in Stockholm, and was carried out with a survey questionnaire. The collected data (321 responses) was analyzed and produced in the statistical program SPSS.

In the results, I present that citizens who help each other and take collectivistic action help reduce such criminal acts on the subway train in the city.

The study can contribute to increase the experience of safety in the society by broadening the knowledge on both individual and societal level. These levels need to merge in order to prevent racial crime in the public transport.

Read the study on Lund University Publications, via this link:

This sticker is made to prevent racism.