About !

I’m a Master’s degree Sociologist with
leadership qualities & high analyst ambitions!

Having completed a Master’s degree in Sociology at Stockholm University I am open to find a suitable PhD position to further develop my skills and education. I work as a Research Assistant in the project “The New World of Work” at the Unit for Occupational Medicine, Karolinska Institute.

The current role that I work in consists of responsibilities as to
-Maintaining the recruitment of participants in the photo-voice study of digital platform workers,
-Organizing and facilitating group discussions between the participants, 
-Overseeing key performance metrics and indicators in line with our study aim,
-Cooperating in the qualitative data analysis and participating in the publication process of scientific articles from the project.

My work experience includes: Research Surveys & Compilation, analysis in SPSS & STATA, formal & informal interview techniques, B2B & B2C communication methods, data & log reporting, Organizational Development & Learning, Occupational Health, Employee Voice and Empowerment, and Change Management.

I am equipped with qualities which have taught me to have an adaptable, solution-oriented approach where I can meet unforeseen obstacles in a concise, focused and effective way.

Strength and Abilities:

  • Committed to my work, individually or in a team where i can collaborate and contribute with others
  • Ambitious, energetic, and not afraid to take the initiative
  • The ability to see beyond the obvious and address the issues directly
  • Experience in communicating across diverse demographics 
  • Socialable, and comfortable in high-pressure work environments (working to deadlines etc.) 

It motivates me to develop strategies, come up with new ideas, and streamline varied working methods which are proven to yield  successful results. It is my desire to practice, share and further build upon these enriching experiences. 

My longterm aim is to continue working with a consistent level of commitment, maintain open mindedness in meeting new challenges & learning opportunities. With the goal of furthering my knowledge and making a worthwhile contribution to those around me. 

I am committed to the social sciences with the ability to combine professional experience with an academic background.

Shanli Hojjati
Research Assistant
Karolinska Institute

Degree of Master of Science 
Major in Sociology
Stockholm University

Your solid colleague.