About !

I’m a Master’s degree Sociologist with high analyst ambitions!

Having completed a Master’s degree in Sociology at Stockholm University I am open to find a suitable PhD position to further develop my skills and education.

My main elements in research focus on Digital Platform Work, Organizational Culture & Social Change and Social Stability.

I work in the GIG-HEALTH project at the Unit for Occupational Medicine, Karolinska Institutet.

The current role that I work in consists of responsibilities such as
-Coordinating a photovoice study of digital platform workers,
-Organizing and facilitating group discussions between the participants, 
-Overseeing key performance metrics and indicators in line with our study,
-Cooperating in the data analysis and writing process of scientific articles.

My work experience includes:

  • Research Surveys & Compilation
  • analysis in SPSS & STATA
  • data & log reporting
  • formal & informal interview techniques
  • B2B & B2C communication methods
  • Organizational Development & Learning
  • Human Resources & Occupational Health
  • Employee Voice and Empowerment
  • Change Management

I am equipped with qualities which have taught me to have an adaptable, solution-oriented approach where I can meet unforeseen obstacles in a concise, focused and effective way. I combine my professional experiences with an academic background.

My long term aim is to continue working with a consistent level of commitment to further my knowledge and making a worthwhile contribution to the Health & Social Sciences.

Shanli Hojjati
Research Assistant
Karolinska Institutet

Degree of Master of Science 
Major in Sociology
Stockholm University

Your solid colleague.